Dar Al Hanan

Dar Al Hanan

"A Home away from Home". An outreach program dedicated to serve the needs of children with cancer who are residing out of the capital – Muscat.

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Dar Al Hanan

Mobile Mammography Unit

A Mobile Mammography Unit (MMU) for breast cancer screening that goes round Oman offering women over 40 years of age free mammogram.

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Mobile Unit


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Mobile Unit


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Oral Cancer

What is Oral?Cancer?
Oral cancer is abnormal growth of cells in any part of mouth or oral cavity.
Oral cavity includes:
Inside of mouth
Gums Teeth and Tongue

Risk Factors
•    Smoking Tobacco - cigarette, cigar, pipe Smokeless Tobacco - chewing, snuff Excessive Alcohol consumption Mouth irritation - sharp teeth or dentures.
•    Sun exposure or Radiation
•    Poor nutrition or Reduced Immunity
•    Viral Infection (Human Papilloma Virus)

Can screening detect early cancer?
Yes. There is a pre cancer stage. It can be detected by self-examination of mouth or routine dental examination

•    White or Red patch
•    Sore in the mouth that bleeds or does not heal
Lump or thickening Feeling of Roughness or Stiffness inside mouth late symptoms of oral cancer
•    Difficulty in chewing and swallow
•    Pain and Loosening of teeth
•    Numbness or persistent bad breath
•    Weight loss

•    Surgery
•    Radiation Therapy
•    Chemotherapy

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