Dar Al Hanan

Dar Al Hanan

"A Home away from Home". An outreach program dedicated to serve the needs of children with cancer who are residing out of the capital – Muscat.

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Dar Al Hanan

Mobile Mammography Unit

A Mobile Mammography Unit (MMU) for breast cancer screening that goes round Oman offering women over 40 years of age free mammogram.

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Mobile Unit


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Mobile Unit


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Skin Cancer

What is skin cancer?
Skin cancer is a tumor or growth that grows in the skin cells. There are two main types of skin cancer, melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. Melanoma is less common but it is more serious as it can spread to other organs very quickly. There is a good chance that skin cancer can be cured if diagnosed and treated early.

About skin cancer
The skin is made up of three layers
•    The epidermis
•    The dermis
•    Supporting layer of loose tissue and fat

Cancer can start from cells in any of these layers

Symptoms of skin cancer any mole or lesion that
•    gets bigger
•    changes shape and changes colour
•    becomes inflamed
•    is itchy or painful
•    bleeds or is crusty

Causes of skin cancer
The main risk factor for skin cancer is exposure to the sun.

The factors that may increase your risk of skin cancer include:
•    A family history of skin cancer
•    Skin that has a lot of moles
•    Bad sunburn at some time on the past
•    If you work outside
•    Age - people over 60 are more at risk
•    Smoking
•    scarring from burns or skin ulcers
•    Exposure to certain chemicals - a weakened immune system

12.6    Treatment
•    Surgery
•    Radiotherapy
•    Immunotherapy
•    Chemotherapy to reduce your risk of skin cancer you should minimize your exposure to the sun
•    Always use a sunscreen with a protection factor of 15 plus
•    Wear protective clothing
•    Stay in the shade as much as possible-especially between 11am and 3pm


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