Milestones & Awards

We would like to use this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the people that has believed in OCA’s project and to everybody that has supported our mission to help us achieve these results.



-    Since November 2009, the Mobile Mammography Unit has allowed OCA to offer free screening to over 17000 women around Oman. Those cases that were found positive received immediate treatment, managing to reduce waiting list and thus the suffering.
-    Outpatients Breast Cancer Clinics have shown a decline in grade 2, 3 and 4, and an increase by 36% of patients in grade 1. That was also confirmed by a histopathology study that showed a decline in the late breast cancer stages reporting and more in grade 1 cancers.
-    Since its opening in 2011, Dar Al Hanan has hosted over 360 children and their family during their cancer treatment, providing them with a safe “Home away from Home” to allow them to focus on what is important: their children’s health.
-    To date 360 nurses and 40 physicians have attended a Palliative Care Course, and have benefited from a training on a holistic approach to cancer management and control.
-    The Pink Ribbon Awareness Campaign and the Walkathon have become an important annual event in Muscat to help increase public awareness on cancer control and prevention. From the first Walkathon in 2003, when 270 people gathered, OCA was able to summon more than 7800 people in 2016. Community acceptance of Cancer is greater now.
-    In 2015 OCA was endorsed as the only Center of Excellence for the International Cancer Prevention Consortium (ICPC) outside the US.
-    Support Regional and global training in cancer prevention and control.
-    OCA has been accepted by the government as Advisory for Cancer Programs and Non-Communicable Diseases (NDC)
-    OCA was awarded the organization of the 2020 World Cancer Congress and the World Cancer Leaders’Summit in Oman.
-    OCA was registered as an umbrella Association in order to be able to give support to other NGO’s that work on areas related to Cancer, such as the Anti-tobacco.


HM 1st Class Award to Dar Al Hanan for Public Service 2015

Year         Achievement
2002        First founders meeting
2004        OCA was formally registered at the Ministry of Social Development
2005        OCA won the 1st Place at the HM Sultan Qaboos Awards for Voluntary Works
2008        OCA received the Gold Prize from the Oman Web Awards
2011        Mobile Mammography Unit won 1st class His Majesty Award for Public Service
2011        Mobile Mammography Unit won United Nations’ Award for Public Service
2015        Dar Al Hanan “Home away from home” won His Majesty Award for Public Service
2015        Dar Al Hanan won GCC Award for Public Service
2017        OCA received the Jaalan Bani Buhassan Award for Cancer Awareness