Mobile Mammography Unit

Reaching Out To All Women

OCA’s Mobile Mammography Unit (MMU) for breast cancer screening goes round Oman twice a year offering women over 40 years of age a free mammogram. When a positive result is found, we also arrange for suspected cases’ fast track to consult the required specialists.

This is one of the projects making a difference to help for early diagnosis and also cementing awareness at the grass root level. This program is one of its kinds in Oman and was the first screening service by a nongovernmental nonprofit organization in the gulf.

To date it has screened more than 17000 women since its launch in November 2009. It has won HM first class Award for excellence service to the community in 2011 and also the 2nd class award for the United Nation Public Service Award in the Gender Section.


•    Offer Breast screening service
•    Reach and support all women over the age of 40 years all over Oman regardless of their nationality or background.
•    Create awareness for cancer wherever it goes

•    17000 women around Oman have benefited from a free mammography.
•    Patients that were found positive received immediate treatment, managing to reduce waiting list and thus suffering.
•    Outpatients Breast Cancer Clinics have shown a decline in grade 2, 3 and 4, and an increase by 36 percent of patients in grade 1.
•    A histopathology study showed a decline in the late breast cancer stages reporting and more in grade 1 cancers.

Future activities:

Her Royal highness Sayyida Muna Al.Said at MMU

•    Screening for Breast Cancer in women under 40 years
•    Self-Breast Examination training program in schools for 10th to 12th grade students