Breast Cancer

What is breast cancer?
It is an abnormal growth of cells, forming an abnormal lesion in the breast.
Who gets breast cancer?
These are the risk factors for breast cancer:
•    Personal history of breast cancer.
•    Women over the age of 50.                
•    Beginning your menstrual cycle at an early age.
•    Going through menopause at a late stage.
•    Having no children.
•    Having your first pregnancy after the age of 30.
•    Being overweight.
•    Excessive consumption of alcohol.
What do I look out for?
A lump or thickening anywhere in the breast. Skin dimpling or puckering of the breast. A nipple that is pushed in (inverted), and hasn’t always been that way. Discharge from the nipple that’s comes out by itself, staining your clothing. Any change in the shape, texture, or color of the skin.
What should I do to detect these signs?
Do self-examination of the breast every month after the menstrual cycle. If you are over 40, you should have regular mammogram exams every 2 years.
What treatment is available?
•    Surgery (Breast conserving / mastectomy)
•    Radiotherapy
•    Chemotherapy