Colon and Rectum Cancer

What are the risk factors for developing Colon and rectal cancer?
•    Lifestyle - occurs more often in urban and industrialized regions
•    Diet – linked to low intake of dietary fiber, and to a high fat diet
•    Heredity
•    Polyps
•    History of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease
•    Occupation – exposure to cancer causing substances
•    History of other cancers
How can these cancers be detected earlier?
•    The digital rectal exam should be part of a routine check-up
•    Sigmoidoscopy
•    Fecal occult blood test

What are the symptoms of cancer of the colon and rectum?
•    Change in bowel habits
•    Very dark, mahogany red, or bright red blood in or on the stool
•    Persistent narrowing of the stools
•    Abdominal discomfort
•    An urgent, painful need to defecate
•    Feeling of incomplete emptying following bowel movements
•    Unexplained weight loss
•    Anemia, unusual paleness
•    Fatigue

What treatment is available?
•    Surgery
•    Chemotherapy
•    Radiation therapy
•    Biological therapy