Lung Cancer

What are lungs?
The lungs are the organs we use for breathing. We require oxygen for our organs to function. The lungs are where the oxygen is absorbed.

What Causes lung cancer?
•    Smoking
•    Chemicals such as asbestos Without a reason

What are the signs and symptoms of lung cancer?
•    A persistent cough or a change in a smoker’s usual cough
•    A bright red or rust colored blood in sputum (phlegm)
•    Hoarseness of voice Shortness of breath
•    A dull ache in the chest or pain white breathing deeply
•    General feeling of being unwell such as tiredness and general aches and pains.
•    Loss of appetite and weight loss
How do you diagnose lung cancer?
•    From your symptoms
•    Chest x-ray
•    Blood tests
•    Sputum cytology (looking for cancer cells in your sputum through microscope) Bronchoscopy ( a tube that is thin and flexible, like a telescope, that is used to look into your respiratory passages)
•    Mediastinoscopy and mediastinostomy
•    CT scan
•    Bone scan
What treatment will I undergo?
One or all of the three

1.    Surgery
2.    Radiotherapy
3.    Chemotherapy