Since the only two Oncology Centers in Oman are located in Muscat, OCA noticed that children diagnosed with cancer residing outside the capital area were not regularly attending the clinic for their treatments. These were due to the challenges faced such as transportation and accommodation that their families had to adhere to. As a result, they ended up compromising their treatment and not benefiting from the therapy. Realizing the challenges faced by these families, OCA took up the challenge and committed to ensure that these children would receive the same opportunities just as their counterparts living in the city and complete their treatment patients and their families.

In January 2011, Dar Al Hanan (Home Away from Home) officially opened as a landmark project dedicated to serve the needs of children with cancer who reside out of the capital, irrespective of their origin. This “Home Away from Home” is operational 24 hours a day for cancer patients and their families, from infancy to the age of 13. It provides free accommodation, three square meals and shuttle services to and from where they are receiving their treatment: Royal Hospital or Sultan Qaboos University Hospital. We cater for the child, the mother, lactating child and the father.


  • Offer support to children with cancer and their families ensuring sustainable outpatient treatment.
  • Allow families to remain together while their children are undergoing treatment.
  • Make their stay feasible in Muscat for the duration of the treatment.
  • Allow families to focus on what is important: their children’s health.


  • Since its opening in 2011, Dar Al Hanan has hosted over 480 children and their family during their cancer treatment

Future Activities

  • Expanding the capacity of the house, due to the increase in demand and a long waiting list.