Join the 2023 OCA Walkathon

Join the Oman Cancer Association’s Walkathon in 2023. It’s more than just a walk in the park. It’s an opportunity to show your support and care for those with cancer. Your participation will raise awareness and funds for both cancer prevention and patients in Oman. All you have to do is sign up and make every step count. 

Make every step count

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10 am November 3, 2023


Al Qurum Natural Park, Al Shati Street, Muscat


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Why Should You Participate?

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for or nearly one in six deaths.



Raising cancer awareness in Oman helps connects people to OCA and encourages risk reduction and early detection.



The funds raised from the Walkathon directly benefit cancer patients, providing them with the resources they need.



The OCA Walkathon is a great way to engage with your community, friends and colleagues for a noble cause


You'll become the proud owner of the 2023 OCA Walkathon T shirt exclusive to participants and volunteers.


ask us anything ABOUT OCA Walkathon 2023

The Oman Cancer Association’s Walkathon is more than just a walk. It’s a significant event to raise awareness and funds for cancer prevention and patient support in Oman.

The event is on November 3, 2023, at 10:00 AM. The venue is Al Qurum Natural Park, Al Shati Street, Muscat, Muscat Governorate, Oman.

You can register online by clicking here. The registration fee is OMR 3.00.

Participation helps in three key ways:

  1. Raise Awareness: You help connect people to OCA and encourage early detection and risk reduction.
  2. Support Patients: Funds raised directly support cancer patients in Oman.
  3. Community Engagement: It’s a great way to engage with your community for a good cause.

The OMR 3.00 fee includes your participation, an event T-shirt exclusive to participants in the Walkathon and contributions to cancer awareness and patient support.

Follow and share updates from OCA’s social media channels to spread the word and engage with the community.

For additional details or inquiries, you can contact OCA at:

  • Address: Building 109, 18 November Street, Al Ghubra, P.O Box: 736 Athaiba, Postal Code: 130, Sultanate of Oman
  • Phone: 00968 24498716
  • Email:

Be part of the change. Register today and make every step count in the fight against cancer.

Businesses can contribute to the event’s success through various levels of sponsorship. Benefits include brand visibility, social media mentions, and the opportunity to set up a promotional booth at the event.

How Can My Company Become a Sponsor?

To explore sponsorship opportunities, contact OCA’s event coordination team. Custom sponsorship packages can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.

Why Should My Company Sponsor the Event?

Sponsoring the OCA Walkathon provides:

  1. Brand Exposure: Your brand will be visible to a large, diverse audience committed to a social cause.
  2. Community Engagement: Show your commitment to social responsibility and engage directly with the community.
  3. Networking: Meet other organizations and individuals who share your commitment to fighting cancer.

For more information on corporate entries and sponsorship, reach out to OCA at:

Be a corporate champion in the fight against cancer. Register your team or become a sponsor today!


Yes, we encourage companies to participate as a team. Corporate entries are a great way for businesses to showcase their commitment to social responsibility while engaging employees in a meaningful cause.

How Do Companies Register?

Companies can contact OCA directly to arrange for bulk registrations. Special packages which provide assets for internal  team building and corporate marketing are available. 

Meet the OCA Walkathon 2023 sponsors

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Al Qurum Natural Park, Al Shati Street, Muscat, Muscat Governorate, Oman


November 3, 2023


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