As part of our vision, mission and objectives, awareness and empowerment of the patients and their families is paramount. Since the Association’s inception, we have advocated annually in October as the Breast Cancer Month, which is the number one cause of death of women in Oman. We have tried passionately and repeatedly to get our partners, supporters and sponsors to actively participate during the Pink Ribbon initiative, as an essential aspect of our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

The Annual Walkathon organized by the Association is the closing activity of a month long of visits to schools, companies and institutions, as well as the presence of OCA’s awareness information desk in the most important commercial malls. The Walkathon also serves the association as a fundraising event. When the participants register for the Walkathon, they receive a specially designed T-shirt and a raffle ticket.

OCA would like to send a heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors, partners, companies, institutions, organizations, social clubs, schools, volunteers, and everyone that has supported and participated in the Pink Ribbon Initiative and Walkathon ever since our first edition in 2003. A special thanks to the Commercial Malls who have diligently worked and truly supported the Association for many years to help us raise awareness and reach the population:

  • The Muscat city center (Al Futaim).

  • The Qurum City Centre (Al Futaim).

  • The Muscat Grand Mall.

  • The Oman Avenues mall.

  • Al Araimy Mall.

  • The Jawharat Al Shaati Mall.

  • The Walk at the Wave (AL Futaim).


  • Support and recognition of the families of the cancer victims that have left us.
  • Support the cancer survivors giving them a sense of togetherness.
  • Advocacy and introduction of the word cancer and its meaning to our youths.
  • Creating the sense of volunteerism in our society and especially the youths and school students.
  • Fundraising for the Association, which is a Non-governmental Organization (NGO)


  • The Walkathon has become an important annual event in Muscat to help increase public awareness on cancer control and prevention.
  • From the first Walkathon in 2003, when 270 people gathered, OCA was able to summon more than 8,000 people in 2018.
  • The community acceptance and awareness of Cancer is greater.

Future Activities

Every year we look forward to have more people join in at the Walkathon for a fun filled and enjoyable cancer awareness afternoon.